The project coordinator made a general presentation of the project, based on the content included in the application form. The project coordinator presented the activities planned for the first year of the project: activity 2 “Mapping and analysis of environmental data” will be carried out, through which the main needs related to the environment will be identified and analyzed in different associations. For this, a questionnaire with similar methodology will be carried out in all partners, adapted to the reality of each country, which serves to plan the needs that must be met in each of the partner organizations. This investigation will be carried out locally, supporting a question of methodology from ASPEA and the University of Cape Verde, which will define the key aspects for mapping and the data to include.

Furthermore, partners spoke about the activities that must be carried out during the first year are as follows:

  • Activity 3: “Environmental education as a tool for social change”. Exchange of young workers. (Cape Verde) – (6 participants / country = 30p)
  • Activity 4. “TC: Identification of good practices and transfer of knowledge to enable the transition ecological environment”. Exchange of young workers. (Aveiro, Portugal) (6 participants / country = 30p)
  • Activity 5. “Training and preparation of manuals on good environmental practices”