Associação de Educação de Jovens e Adultos de Nampula

Project partner

Nampula Youth and Adult Education Association is a young NGO based in Nampula (Mozambique) with the aim of providing literacy and environmental education in their region. ASEJANA – Youth and Adult Education Association was created to help accelerate the achievement of the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals, within a region with many urgent needs at humanitarian level. ASEJANA objectives are:

  1. Develop research in the field of environmental education, nutritional education and literacy and integrated education of young people and adults.
  2. Develop Community Projects.
  3. Promote environmental education.
  4. Promote nutritional education.
  5. Train facilitators of the Community Learning Circles.
  6. Produce different material for integrated learning and operational guidance within the scope of its objectives.
  7. Provide integrated literacy and education programs for young people and adults.

Looking at the reality of Mozambique, ASEJANA’s objectives are strategically aligned in 3 andragogical angles, namely:


Angle 1: Literacy and Integrated Youth and Adult Education.


Angle 2: Knowledge-oriented Environmental Education; environmental attitudes and behaviour from a cross-cutting and holistic perspective.


Angle 3: Access to food from a nutritional perspective looking at the direct impact of climate change on their lives especially on food production and the ancient practice of fire, among other environmentally deplorable aspects and good local environmental practices.

In its intervention process, ASEJANA uses INTEGRATED APPROACH, meaning it brings together the functional components of learning, best practices and community experiences, current issues and community projects.

Currently we are working in the Environmental Literacy Project in Maternal Languages (PALMA and in specific cases of environmental problems such as drought, floods, fires, deforestation; Open defecation; Non-resilient construction of houses for housing, Erosion; Sanitation of the environment and Pollution of water and air will be methodological, themes that will be addressed in the learning manuals and in the brochures to be prepared within the scope of PALMA. ASEJANA works closely with the local communities and institutions in the region, joining efforts to make a meaningful impact in the lives of youth and adults.