Concello de O Porriño

Project promoter

The municipality of O Porriño is in the state of Pontevedra, in the region of Galicia, northwest of Spain. O Porriño is an industrial city that has two industrial states and a powerful granite exploitation. The number of residents is 18.898 inhabitants.

The main aim of the Education Councillor is to keep in touch with the local education community, to solve the problems that our schools could find and to improve the development of the child's academic training. To accomplish that labour the Councillor must cooperate with regional and state organizations. Councillor of job training has in charge the improvement of job skills for unemployed people. To make that possible it counts with a group of technicians who help each applicant to plan a curriculum and to search offers that adjust in the work market. Nowadays we have more than 500 persons as users. As well, we have a modern infrastructure that allows us to provide different courses aimed to find a job. Besides, CP introduces environmental education as one of the main cross-sector objectives, promoting the take-up of ecological activities for youngsters.

In order to achieve its environmental objectives, CP has actively worked through its Youth Council in environmental awareness actions, such as “Giving Tuesdays” (a programme in opposite to wild consumption of Black Friday and Cyber Monday), “Do it Yourself”, a series of intergenerational workshops to foster recycling and upcycling uptake or “QueroECO”, a series of ecological activities aimed at youth that propose urban culture actions that respect the environment. In the field of volunteering we must highlight the programme “Cambiando o chip” which has been developed for 4 years, combining 3 actions: environmental protection, the route of Saint James Way and culture & tradition.