IES Ribeira do Louro

Project partner

The IES Ribeira Do Louro (IESRdL) is a secondary education school which provides general education, vocational training and adult education courses. It is placed in Porriño (Pontevedra) in the Nothwest of Spain, next to Vigo. IESRdL has approximately 700 students and 80 teachers and provide, amongst other specialist courses, Advanced Level Training courses in International Trade, Administrative and Financial Management and Telecommunication Systems and Information Technology.

The school has a huge experience (since 1996) in the implementation of European Union research and mobility projects. IESRdL has participated, both as a partner and as promoter, in different projects under Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates Programme, Interreg and other national projects. Furthermore, IES RdL has been participating in mobility projects since 1996, as host and sending organisation. They have carried out more than 300 students and teachers’ placements. Furthermore, the school has a large net of schools around Europe.

Most recently it has participated in European projects related to the environmental field, such as Educa2cean, LivingRiver, and Careforest.

Regarding the field of the project, IESRdL accounts for teachers in the field of Natural Sciences and Technology, deeply involved in ecological transition. Also, it carries out many environmental-related activities, including an intense awareness activity, going beyond the school. Last but not least, it has created a team, together with the Natural Sciences department formed by 4 teachers with sciences background, to develop this kind of activities.