The “EcoYouth” Porriñesa delegation departs for Mozambique
4 Aug, 2022

The Spanish delegation will visit Mozambique within the framework of the European project "Empowerment of youth to facilitate the ecological transition" departed today from O Porriño cara Nampula.

Eight young students from the IES Ribeira do Louro and the CIFP a Granxa, accompanied by support staff from the Concello do Porriño and the IES Porriñés, will be in Maputo and Nampula until the 23rd, participating in the last mobility of this exchange program under the title “Ecological Awareness: Media Tools for Nampula Engagement and Impact”.

This programme, co-financed by the EU's Erasmus+ project, aims to encourage the launch of environmental awareness campaigns, combining critical analysis with a carefully planned media strategy.