The ECOYOUTH project in Porriño: collaboration in education and sustainability
4 Aug, 2022

The participants in the EcoYouth project, coordinated by the Porriño City Council and financed with funds from the European Union, were received yesterday at the town hall of Porriño by the mayor, Alejandro Lorenzo, the councilor for Education, Carolina González, and councilor Lourdes Moure.

It is an initiative in which the Ribeira do Louro institute from Porriñes, the University of Cape Verde and associations from Portugal and Mozambique participate, which aims to promote the empowerment of youth in the fight against climate change in the countries participating in the project.

The different delegations will be in Porriño until Friday developing different actions and activities and seminars aimed at empowering the youth to facilitate the ecological transition.

The first of them took place this morning. The participants in the project visited the facilities of the Valos Drinking Water Treatment Station and the Waste Water Treatment Plant, in Guillarei.

The mayor and the councilor for Education accompanied them on this first day where they delved into waste management, purification and the integral water cycle.

"This experience is being very enriching, not only for them, but also for us", said the mayor, "Knowledge and environmental values ​​are the basis of this project, but so is the coexistence that undoubtedly reinforces learning".